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Mint and Blue Aquatic Nursery

Ahoy Sisteroos, it’s Shrink here. The husband and I are expecting our first and we’ve spent some time creating a calm aquatic nursery. When I started looking into nursery design ideas, I was all over the place, but my design came together when I bought our beautiful rug. I fell in love with a rug online, but was not too fond of the price tag. When I saw this nearly identical rug for a mere $50 at Ross, I knew the nursery design had set sail.

If you notice, we don’t have a crib yet. We’re moving cross country in a few months and did not see the need for a big crib at this point. To make things even easier, a very kind Austinite gifted us a Summer Infant Bassinet that we’re using in our bedroom. When we move into our next place we’ll buy a crib, but I haven’t decided on the crib or crib color that would look best. If you have thoughts, let me know! This room also doubles as our office, so we took apart our large desk and kept a corner desk for the computer.

With many trips to TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ikea, and Home Depot, our nursery was created. Probably the hardest part was making 3 trips to ikea (which is 30 minutes away) in order to buy our dresser. The first time we went to get the dresser we found the one I wanted on display and they listed three colors on the tag-- White, Black, and Red. So we went to the warehouse aisle and got the white dresser. Turns out they have a white stain and white laminate version of this dresser (so always buy from the aisle and row they list on the tag). We got home and realized we bought the wrong dresser and knew a stained wood would be easier to paint. So the next morning we went back to ikea and bought the white stain dresser. We brought it home and one of the pieces had a crack in it! So we took it back to ikea and they replaced the broken piece. Sheesh, too much work.

We used a spray primer and Behr's End of the Rainbow paint found at Home Depot to paint the dresser and shelves. I did not want to spend the money on new knobs like these yet, so I ended up priming the knobs and painting them with an inexpensive $1 acrylic paint I found at walmart. It’s a fine temporary option. If I were to do it again, I might just spray paint them in a silver—I’ve seen some tutorials on that online that seem to do the trick.

Individual Items
Drawers: Hemnes from Ikea

Wall Shelf: Ribba Picture Ledge from Ikea

Trash Can: Strapats from Ikea

Closet Dividers: Blank Container Store dividers with paper mod podged on top

Silver Frames: Ribba from Ikea

Map Print: Etsy, Justabirdprintables

Fish, Octopus, Seahorse Prints: Etsy, FancyDigitals (buy two get one free code on the home page)

Boat Print: Monet's Fishing Boats at Sea

Octopus: TJ Maxx (painted in a mix of acrylic paints)

Starfish, Boat, Wheel Clock, and Whale: TJ Maxx

Glider: Craiglist

Side Table: Craigslist, with the drawer painted in Behr's End of the Rainbow paint

Rug: Ross

Curtains: Home Goods

Glitter Prints: Printed and traced animal silhouettes onto sparkly paper, painted cardstock in Behr’s End of the Rainbow paint, glued the silhouettes onto the paper.

Brown Square Frames: We’ve had them for several years—they’re from Ross and they say “live love laugh” on the mat, I always kept it flipped over and used the plain side so I could put photos in it. Now it’s holding our cute silhouette pictures.

Blocks: Baby shower activity and gift, my wonderful host cut out square pieces from a Curious George and Pooh book, got blocks from hobby lobby, and had us mod podge the squares on or decorate the blocks with sharpies.


Lawyer said...

GAH!!! In love with the colors, the theme, and every last detail!!

SneakyKiki said...

Congrats on your coming arrival! IKEA is a hike for us, too (about an hour), but sometimes it's very worth it. When we were designing our first's nursery (she's 9 months old now) we took a trip or two. Her crib is the HENSVIK crib. So far it's been very sturdy, attractive, and I consider it a crazy good bargain at $99. I bought it before I knew whether she would be a boy or girl (we decided not to find out in advance), and while it might seem a bit feminine, I think it really works in a "baby's are gender-neutral in many ways" kind of way. I mean, just look at Victorian baby boys and you'll see what I mean. They were always in dresses! At any rate, I've been very pleased with the quality of our IKEA crib, so I recommend scoping out their selection!

shrink said...

Thanks for the tip SneakyKiki--that looks like a great option for us in a few months. I hadn't looked at ikea cribs yet, but I think the HENSVIK is beautiful. I love the curved lines, the simple design, and the option to have two heights (plus the price is phenomenal). I think it would definitely work as a gender neutral option without crossing into the Victorian era boy style :)

Thanks Lawyer--glad you liked it! I figure there will be a few more additions after the move, but otherwise I'm happy with how it turned out!

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