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Stud (Mini)Muffins

My jaw has still not recovered from dropping to the floor upon finding these two insanely adorable outfits. My boys can commit any number of destructive and terrible boy disasters and I won't be able to work myself into a mother-rage thanks to the blinding cuteness seared into my brain today. Thanks a lot Rhea Lana Sale.

Polo Mania

I have a problem. A Polo Problem. "Obsession" is probably a more appropriate term to describe my irrational craving for Ralph Lauren's toddler-sized signature shirts. They come in every bright hue of the rainbow. In soft pastels. In neutrals. In stripes. I'm embarrassed to admit that we own 55 of these shirts in my boys' current sizes, and probably 100 of them in total. *GASP* I know. Bad, bad, bad! Very, very bad! How do I sleep at night?!

Twice as Nice!

I went crazy over the HUGE selection of items at Rhea Lana's Fayetteville sale! So crazy, in fact, that I bought TWO of everything (that's what you can do when there are over 100,000 items to choose from ;) ). For every adorable argyle 4T vest I scored, I purchased a similar one in 2T for my smaller guy. And for every 2T long-sleeve polo I found, there was an identical one waiting for me on the big-kid racks. Two pairs of Gap skinny jeans. Two Children's Place Christmas sweaters. Two Ralph Lauren Navy vests. And best of all, two pairs of awesome fireman galoshes. It was one of the luckiest shopping days of my life! Look below to see a few of the photo-op-worthy items I found at under $6 each!

Hunting for Fall Fashions

YAY FOR BACK TO SCHOOL CLOTHES! Rhea Lana's Fall consignment event is almost here! Which means I'm gearing up for a good bargain hunt. If you're new to the game of consignment shopping, these are a few things I wish I'd thought about before my first big sale event.

Suiting Up For Spring and Summer!

Another successful bargain hunt! I still can't get over the quality and quantity of clothing at this year's Northwest Arkansas Rhea Lana Spring Sale.

Spring Has Sprung (finally!)


Dark Chocolate Ganache Easter Egg Cake Dark Chocolate Ganache Easter Egg Cake

Easter dinner has always been a big event in the Sisteroo household. In addition to the usual leg-of-lamb, cream-drenched scalloped potatoes, grilled asparagus and butter-soft rolls, we are quite serious about our desserts. Actress's Easter Coconut Carrot Cake is always a huge hit and an annual Easter staple. But this year I decided to up the ante with a dark chocolate, buttercream-filled ganache cake shaped like an Easter egg. The recipe is ridiculously simple and sure to impress your guests.  I'm thinking this cake will become a Sisteroo Easter tradition too!

St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Mint Trifle

Sisteroo St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Mint Trifle

I've been working on the perfect recipe to lure the leprechauns away from their pot o' gold this year, and I think I've found it with this mouth-watering chocolate mint chip trifle. Your friends (small and large) will be doing the Irish jig over this concoction of layered devil's food cake, mint chocolate ganache, chocolate chunks, and thick mint whipped cream. The best part is that it only calls for 4 basic ingredients and takes less than an hour to create, baking time included! Luck of the Irish, indeed!

President's Day Apple Flag Pie

Patriotic Apple Blueberry Cherry Flag Pie

I'm a patriotic American. I eat apple pie, watch baseball in June, mistrust the metric system, and wear a fanny-pack while traveling abroad. (The latter not since the early 90s. Thankfully.) So it shouldn't surprise you, Sisteroos, that I decided to bake a decidedly American pie in celebration of this upcoming President's Day. I used my hands-down favorite apple pie recipe and a no-fail buttery pastry crust for this red, white and blue concoction, and the results were simply flag raising!