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Gray and Orange French Nursery

Finally! It's complete!

In true Sisteroo (read: "unhinged") fashion, I decided to DIY this baby room myself, down to the bare-bones details. Which means husband and I have spent a good part of the last two months nailing, caulking, sanding, painting, upholstering, sewing, spray painting, decoupaging, and glue gunning ourselves into complete DIY exhaustion. The result? A darling French-style gray and orange nursery that reminds me of Paris in the Fall. Check out the pictures and item descriptions below, and sit tight for tutorials on how to DIY your own Parisian baby room!

A few item links:

Large dresser and nightstand: 1960s antique pieces, painted in Swan Wing W-F-400 and Porpoise 790E-3 with Venetian hardware by Knobware

Bookcase: 1940s antique piece, painted in Swan Wing W-F-400 and Sparrow 780F-4

Upholstered chair: Custom-designed from The Find, Newport Beach

Crib: Baby Cache Heritage Lifetime Crib

Crib bedding: Custom sheets in Gotcha Storm Twill fabric by Premier Print

Table and floor lamp: French Candlestick Floor Lamp and Table Lamp, painted and finished in satin white

Lampshades: Basic white shades decoupaged in Waverly fabric print (...Curses--I can't find the original Waverly print anywhere.  I've linked to a similar print.  I'll keep looking.)

Curtains: Hand sewn in Vapor Shimmer Satin

Valance: 1950s antique French headboard, painted in Swan Wing W-F-400, Porpoise 790E-3 and Sparrow 780F-4, and hand upholstered in Vapor Shimmer Satin

Balloon race at the Eiffel Tower painting: 1940s antique frame painted in satin white, custom painting by Artist.

Wall paint: 25% saturation Natural Gray UL260-11 above the chair rail moulding, 75% saturation Natural Gray UL260-11 below chair rail moulding

Chair rail moulding:  Hand-installed, American Wood Colonial Casing

Wainscot moulding:  Hand-installed, FRP Polymer Interior Inside Corner moulding

Orange velvet throw pillow: Sanela cover with Gosa Aster pillow

Orange picture frames: Baroque Orange by Six Trees

Eiffel tower: Home Decorators bronze model, painted in Koi UL12-18

Orange and blue balloon print: "Welcome to this World" print by Curly Girl Designs (sent by a very dear friend, and ready to hang above the crib once the white frame I purchased arrives!)

Mother/baby elephant figurine: Wood carved, painted Startling Orange S-G-230

Resin bookcase owl and elephant: HomeGoods finds, painted in Safety Orange enamel and Flame 210B-7

Rocking horse: a gift from a dear friend, painted in Anonymous 780F-5, Gentle Rain 790E-2 and Koi UL12-18

Baby rocking chair: a gift from a dear friend, painted in Swan Wing W-F-400

Orange and white striped toy boxes: Kasset boxes, hand painted in Startling Orange S-G-230 stripes

I'll be back soon with DIY tutorials.  In the meantime, good luck nursery designing, Sisteroos!


AmyAnn said...

Love it, love it "Lawyer!" So adorable!!! Your little man will have the sweetest dreams in this cute room!

Anonymous said...! I am saving all this for a future baby room!

SmittyIM7 said...

Ah a kindred spirit! I had to figure out DIY solutions to get the kind of elegance I wanted in a nursery. I felt like a crazy person for putting silk in a baby's room but it looks AMAZING. I hope you feel the same about all your work.

P.S. Any chance of the "Artist" doing another Balloon race at the Eiffel Tower painting for sale?

Goatmaster.K said...

YOU ARE THE COOLEST MOM-TO-BE!!!! Oh Carolyn I would have loved to help!!! -Kat D.

Kristen said...

Really love artist's painting. I want!!!

Lawyer said...

Thanks so much, everyone! :)

SmittyIM7: Artist hasn't put her prints up for sale yet, but she's tentatively thinking about it and even has a store countdown on her professional website-- Check back in the near future!

Kristen said...

dude, I am so getting that balloon painting :D

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