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The World is My Stage

As soon as the clapping dies down, I'll begin.

Yes, hello, it's me, Actress! I've had a passion for performing ever since I can remember. Someone had to be tough in my family with 4 girls, so I forged my way as a tomboy: always bearing a toy sword or gun, dressing up as the prince or villain, and endlessly teasing my other three sisters for being stinky Brownies in Girl Scouts (my karate classes were far more dignified and productive, though Mom forced an oath out of me that I could never use my skills on the deserving sister trio). I was a very loud child (I had to be to get heard as child 3 of 4) and besides karate, I also discovered a love for tap dancing and singing.

With my training since infancy in excessive noise, role-play, singing, dancing, and complete disregard for what anyone else thinks of me (here's a shout-out to my sisters for attempting to emotionally damage me with berating—it worked in my favor: “sticks and stones...words will never hurt me”) it's no wonder I found theater as my home away from home. It brings me so much joy to entertain an audience. I especially love performing for children, because their reactions are so honest and they can imagine themselves in the time and place of the show, watching the events as they unfold (and believing I actually AM the Queen of Sheba). My roles have run the gamut from a Snickers Bar stuck in a vending machine to a circus performer; a feather duster to a vampire, and many many more. I now have an audience on a daily-basis: my two young children. I can do almost anything to make them laugh and when I have an audition, they'll watch me perform again and again (I've even trained them to clap for me and say “bravo!”).

My husband is a Rocket Scientist and anything that clicks, beeps, or eats batteries, he can fix. We know how to work hard and are both perfectionists in our own way and DIY home projects are our forte. Our beautiful home is nestled in the mountains and as I go for long bike rides by myself in the warm summer evenings, I think my life is just about perfect.