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Shrinks Can't Read Minds (Usually)

As the youngest and most introspective Sisteroo, I felt it was my duty to figure out just what made my sisters tick, and embarked on a career as a professional psychologist. Most days I can't read minds, and I don't feel compelled to analyze every person I meet, but I am a very good listener. Growing up with three older Sisteroos who ALL talk loudly (Lawyer's just the loudest), I learned to stop and take in the world around me. This often made me the victim of Sisteroo projects: I served as mannequin for fashion shoots, the taste tester for bakeoffs, the launch pilot in our homemade rocket, and the helpless princess locked in the tower (which looked remarkably like our hallway closet). My childhood was filled with creative Sisteroo projects and adventures. We didn't watch much TV, our imaginations were the greatest scripts of all. I learned and still learn so much from my Sisteroos--a childhood with them allowed my imagination to run wild and shaped me forever.

I'm happily married to a smart, kind, and very handy husband who helps me build every project I can imagine. We live where we can experience all four seasons, and love life through each one.