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Lawyers Talk (Very) Loudly

Well, hello there! Welcome. Put your feet up. Tell me a little about yourself.

Me, I'm a lawyer. And it's true. I talk (very) loudly. This isn't entirely my fault--as I'm sure you've surmised, I have three equally loud, hilarious sisters, and we grew up in a very loud household with parents who permitted (even encouraged) us to sing at the top of our lungs, stage wild theatrical productions in the living room, blow up mud bombs in the backyard, roller skate down hallways, parachute off the roof, finger paint with pudding, swim in Kool-Aid, and otherwise run amok like uncivilized hooligans. We regularly maxed out every library card we owned (twelve), and subsidized the local craft store with our constant trips for wacky glue, pottery clay, sculpting wire, and (in gallons) paint remover. On occasion, we were wrestled out of our mud and paint-encrusted clothes to attend art museums, opera, theater, ballet, and the like. My parents taught us to live life, and live it LOUDLY, and I hope my future children will learn the same.

My adorable, newly-minted husband and I live in a very sunny, seasonless city with a stunning view of the ocean. He's an athlete, and I'm a legal bookworm. Life is perfect.