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DIY Industrial Candlesticks

Sisteroo Industrial Candlesticks
(Note: these candlestick holders are sturdy and large.  From left to right, they stand 6 1/2", 4", 5" and 6 1/2".  They hold regular-sized 10" tapers.)

Hardware stores are not my thing. This isn't especially surprising, is it? They're sorely lacking in baked goods and bling, and are instead heavily stocked with dreadful things like manure and two-by-fours. It's not exactly Lawyer Sisteroo style. Husband, on the other hand, would live in a hardware store if I'd let him. So it was with much glee that he dragged me to the local hardware store this weekend to pick up a sprocket (or a spring?) that came loose from our barbecue. It was while I was standing (miserably) in the nuts and bolts aisle of said local hardware store that the idea for these industrial candlesticks hit. These giant hex nuts are a cool and modern twist on your standard candle holders. They look gorgeous on a coffee table or mantle, and would make the perfect DIY holiday gift for that uber stylish friend who has everything. The best part? You can bling them out a dozen different ways. I'm thinking that hardware stores have just become my thing....

Here are a few different ways I decorated my candlesticks:

Minimalist plain industrial style (i.e., no work at all):

Sisteroo Industrial Candlesticks
Modern red lacquer style:

Sisteroo Industrial Candlesticks
And of course...metallic bling style:

Sisteroo Industrial Candlesticks

To make your OWN holiday industrial candlestick holders:

1.  Pick up an assortment of large, medium, and small hex nuts from your local hardware store, with one small tapered hex nut for the top of each candlestick (Large = 1"  Medium = 7/8"  Small = 3/4").  While you're still in the store, stack the nuts on top of each other from largest to smallest (or alternating large-medium-large-medium-small-medium-small-etc.) to make sure you have the sizes and candlestick height you prefer.

2.  Purchase a wooden dowel that fits through the smallest hex nut snugly (it will be loose on the largest hex nut, but you will remedy this shortly).  Cut to size by threading the nuts on the dowel and cutting 1/2" below the top edge of the last nut (you need to leave room in the top nut for your candle).

3.  Prepare a simple paper mache (one part water, two parts glue, one part shredded newspaper) or purchase a light drying dough (e.g. Fimo Air).  

4.  Place a dab of strong glue (I used E6000.  Gorilla Glue or another strong, slow drying glue should work fine) on the bottom 1" portion of the wooden dowel, and thread the largest nut down onto the base.  Fill the space between the dowel and the nut with the lightweight paper mache or Fimo Air.  The nut should be firmly wedged around the wooden dowel.

5. Place glue along the top edge of the threaded nut and on the next 1" portion of the dowel.  Thread the next nut on the dowel and press firmly on the nut below.  Repeat the paper mache/clay stuffing in the space between the nut and the dowel (you will need to stuff less and less as you move to the smaller nuts).  Once you are finished stacking and gluing all of the nuts, let dry several hours.

6.  You may prefer your candlesticks in their original silver.  To add a little color, spray your candlesticks in the color of your choice, and then finish with a coat of high gloss spray.  I used Rustoleum Enamel for the red candlesticks and Krylon Metallic for the gold and silver candlesticks.

7.  For added bling, use a glue gun to affix round gemstones or other fun objects on alternating hex nut levels.

8.  Finish your candlesticks off with some taper candles--I was able to fit regular 10" tapers in my candlesticks (you can whittle the candles down with a knife or melt the ends with a match for a minute if the fit is too snug).

Good luck candlesticking, Sisteroos!


Lawyer's Husband said...

I am Lawyer's Husband, and I approve of this post. (Sponsored by The Organization of Husbands Who Support Dragging Wives to Home Depot and Orchard Supply Hardware for Their Shopping Excursions and Mild Spousal Indirect Punishment, or TOHWSDWHDOSHTSEMSIP)

Lawyer said...

This is why I love you...

Daniel said...

These candlesticks will not glow but it will ignite each creative mind to do something more new…Great DIY…Honestly a Neat and Clean one…These giants are the mini weapons to industry as well as cool friends with our each step innovations in the world of Art and Crafts…
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Rebecca said...

LOVE the husband wife banter going on here!

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