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Homemade Halloween Costumes

Fish Tank 
I love Halloween. It was by far my favorite holiday as a kid, comprised of equal parts chaos, equal parts Pixy Stix, all wrapped up in a chocolate-stained, bedazzled costume resembling one of the Jem Holograms, circa 1985. Nowadays, I've lost the taste for Pixy Stix but I still get excited just thinking about Halloween costumes. (And rhinestones.  And Jem Holograms.)  Husband and I usually joke throughout the year about our upcoming outfits, and then spend a good part of October patching together the punchlines. Here are a few of the results, including this year's creation, featuring our brand new baby guppy.  (Thank you to Husband who played supermodel for this post.)



Baby fish costume (I got THIS ONE
PVC pipe and PVC corner connectors 
Black baseball cap
Black duct tape
2 rolls clear cellophane 
Colored construction paper 
Glue stick

1. Make a 4 foot by 2 1/2 foot rectangular tank using PVC pipe and corner connectors (you can cut the PVC pipe to size in the store, or use a hand saw at home like I did).

2. Cover the PVC pipe in black duct tape (this is not just for looks, but to help secure the structure). 

3. Create "suspenders" from duct tape and tape these around the front and back pipes for carrying straps (make sure to reinforce this with tape several times...the fish tank is heavier than it looks!).

4. Cover each panel of the tank in clear cellophane using duct tape. 

5. Cut out aquarium plants, bubbles and fish from colored construction paper (search for "sea life clip art" to get some ideas). I used sparkling blue tissue paper for the bubbles to give them an iridescent look. 

6. Glue your cutouts to the sides of the tank using a glue stick (which worked surprisingly better than heavy-duty craft glue). 

7. Tape another panel of cellophane over the top of your cutouts. 

8.  Print out a sign reading "PLEASE DO NOT TAP ON THE GLASS."  Tape to the black baseball cap.

9. Step into your tank, pick up your baby fish, and you're ready to swim! 

Prince Charming 
**(For a kid-sized version of this costume, check out Actress's earlier post HERE)   

White chef coat (I used something similar to THIS
Red or black dress pants 
Thick gold ribbon 
Blue and red ribbon 
Gold and silver star and "seal" stickers (similar to THESE
Flat piece of cardboard 
Yarn (the thicker, the better) 
Gold spray paint 
Double sick tape
Glue gun 
Crown and scepter (you can make these easily with cardboard, paper towel tubes, etc., or just pick them up at a dollar store

1. Glue or double sick tape a thick piece of gold ribbon down each outer side of the dress pants.

2. Using ribbon and seal stickers, create a ribbon/medal panel on the left lapel region of coat (this is a highly decorated prince!). 

3. Cut out two heel shaped pieces of cardboard for the shoulder epaulets. 

4.  Cut out 80 or so 6 inch pieces of yarn and tape these around the bottom underside edge of the cardboard. 

5. Spray paint the epaulet pieces gold and glue or tape on the shoulders of the coat. 

6. Use gold ribbon to create a belt and sash around the coat. 

7. Find yourself a Cinderella and head to the ball! 

Rock Paper Scissors 


Bike helmet or baseball cap 
2 white foam boards 
Colored construction paper 
Tin foil 
Duct tape 
Light blue and pink markers
Gray and brown paint 

 1. Use your paint to create a marbled, blotchy gray and brown pattern on 6 or 7 pieces of white construction paper. This should create a "stone" effect. Let dry. 

2. Crumple the dried construction paper slightly and cut into rock shaped pieces. Tape these to your helmet or cap, covering it entirely. 

3. Cut three large holes down the left side of your foam boards (I used a pair of sharp scissors, but an x-acto knife would work well too). 

4. Using a ruler or straight edge, horizontally "line" your foam boards with blue marker leaving a larger margin along the top. Using a pink marker, draw a vertical line to the right of your cut out holes. This should look like a piece of lined paper. 

5. Using duct tape, create "straps" that connect the top backs of the foam board together. You should be able to fit your head between the straps so the foam boards hang evenly on your shoulders. 

6. Cut out large two scissor handles using orange construction paper. 

 7. Cut out matching metal scissor pieces using tin foil. 

8. Tape the scissor handle cut outs to the metal scissor cut outs, and tape one pair of scissors to each leg. 

9. Get ready to throw down some serious rock, paper, scissors matches on Halloween night! 

Good luck costuming, Sisteroos!


Lawyer's Husband said...

Oh my goodness. Thesea are the most creative costumes ever! How did you come up with these? And that is quite the cute gold fish? Can I take him home in a bowl? :o)

Sisteroos said...

YOU came up with half of these. And yes--the goldfish is all yours, as long as you agree to change his diapers. ;)

ACTRESS said...

HAHAHAHahahahaha! Go fish Tom Tom! This is so hysterical. I hope you have some kind of costume contest to enter in, because this one is a sure winner!

Sisteroos said...

We're thinking about entering it in Chris's all-company costume contest. The only problem is that we can't fit this thing in either of our cars (it's so much bigger than it looks). So we've decided to carry it to his work--down one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles, of course. It's going to be a spectacle Wednesday morning commuters won't forget.

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