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Brown Thumb Terrariums

Brown Thumb Terrarium
I am a touch obsessed with the terrarium craze going on at West Elm, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and the like. So obsessed, mind you, that I went out one afternoon and bought ten hanging terrariums, brought them home, and then let them moulder in the guest bedroom for two months while I pondered, "what in heaven's name am I going to do with ten hanging terrariums?"

The primary problem, you see, is that I have a brown thumb. And by "brown thumb," I mean that every species within the flora taxonomy withers to a tragic shade of brown when my thumbs are near. So after a little thought, I simply decided to make these terrariums imperishable. Read on to find out how...

Terrarium Shots

1. First, find yourself a fun terrarium or two. There are so many options to choose from! I picked these hanging terrariums from CB2 because they make a perfect addition to my balcony. You might want to try the English bell jar cloche or birdhouse variety if you'd prefer to set up your terrarium on a desk or tabletop.

2. Visit your local craft/florist shop and select a variety of green and brown floral mosses (I bought mine at Michaels).

3. Next, pick three or four kinds of artificial greenery. The goal is to find pieces that can be cut and shaped in your terrariums. I picked a selection of fern and garden greenery by Ashland.

4. Arrange the moss at the base of your terrarium and glue gun in place. Arrange several pieces of artificial greenery in the moss and affix with additional glue.

5. If you're hanging your terrariums, purchase some 18-gague wire (I mixed a variety of black, copper and green for fun). Cut a piece twice as long as the length you intend to hang your terrarium. String the wire through your terrarium and wind the wire around itself several times. Hang in place.

Brown Thumb Terrarium Tutorial

Good luck with your brown thumb terrariums, Sisteroos!


Lawyer's Husband said...

The balcony is amazing and my Weber grill now has some friends to speak to! Great work Sisteroo!

Cousin Jill said...

Wow, and I thought they were plants and was duly impressed when I saw them I'm MORE impressed to think that I could actually 'grow' one myself...

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful idea. Such a pretty deck view--the plants make a difference!

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