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Black and White Circle Decal Art

black and white finalsmall

I moved into a new office last week and it was in dire need of some cheering up. Luckily I had three blank canvases lying around that were practically begging for some paint. Click for more below to see my third foray into canvas art (if you haven't seen my earlier experiments, you can check them out (HERE and HERE).

My color scheme was based upon three beautiful (and inexpensive) black/silver vases. I knew I was going to involve these colors along with a pop of something bright (I ended up going with red), but I had no idea what, exactly, I was going to paint. I wandered around my house looking for inspiration and stumbled across the merry circle decal stickers on my bathroom wall (unlikely location for inspiration, no?). We've had those stickers up for a couple of years so they've lost some stickiness over several moves (and since we're moving again in two months, it's unlikely they will make it to our new place). I liked their look and decided they'd be the perfect tools for my DIY paint project.

full copysmall2

Step 1: Find some decals (in the store or on your walls)

Step 2: Find some canvases (I bought a six pack a while back on amazon).

Step 3: Arange your decals on your canvases

Step 4: Paint your main color over your decals

Step 5: Peel off your decals and paint your chosen colors

Step 6: Admire (always my favorite step)

I did another three-canvas circle piece a couple years ago (I'll post it sometime) and this was so much easier because I had the perfect circle shapes (thanks, decals!). The only difficult part was my stickers lost a lot of stick so they were apt to move while I was painting. Painting the shape edges was also fairly tricky, but husband offered to do the detail work for me--he used a nail which seemed to work really well.

So...long story short, it really was an easy and fun project. Good luck with your decal canvas art!


Jess said...

Amazing much? I THINK SO! so beautiful!

shrink said...

Thanks so much Jess! It's seriously the easiest project yet, especially if you're shape impaired like me (inability to create shapes that accurately fulfill the dimensional and proportional requirements of said shape and therefore must be deemed "abstract" in order to classify as any semblance of a shape rather than a blob)

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