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Masking Tape Masterpiece

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I bought these blank canvases back in October and promptly hung them on the wall in our home office (still in their plastic wrapping). And after a full five months hanging in shrink-wrap glory, they've finally gotten a little TLC. Armed with a bottle of paint, a 33 cent paint brush, and a roll of masking tape, I helped these canvases come out of their (proverbial and literal) shells. This has got to be the easiest and fastest painting project ever and even though our house smells like paint (and I'm likely high on fumes while writing this post), it was definitely worth it.

So what sparked my interest in painting these canvases? I recently returned from a trip to Philadelphia for a research conference and had the pleasure of visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I visited the Contemporary and Modern art section and saw some lovely paintings...and some not so lovely ones as well. On arriving home, I was determined to create my own little modern art gallery, provided that it didn't take too much time, required minimal painting skills, and looked good in any room of the house. Enter: the masking tape painting! I've seen quite a few attempts at this sort of project, so I can't claim to be the originator. Use this post as an inspiration of sorts and create a modern art gallery of your own!

This project is easier than pie (as I find pie to be quite difficult) and is fun as well. Here are the simple steps to make a modern masking tape masterpiece:


Step 1: Line up your canvases so they touch side-by-side. I'd recommend putting the canvases on newspaper....I ended up painting the carpet.

Step 2: Tape across your canvases (overlapping the tape onto more than one canvas) in a pattern you find visually appealing. I chose to have the tape extend down the sides of the canvas--decide before painting which you prefer (tape or no tape on the sides).

Step 3: Paint the tops of your canvases. Let them dry for an hour or so (I used acrylic paint which dries rather quickly) and then paint the sides.

Step 4: Cut the tape that is holding the canvases together and paint the canvas sides that remain unpainted. I chose not to have the tape extend on these as it looked kind of odd when the tape lines didn't match up across the canvases.

Step 5: Let the paint dry an hour or two longer. Peel the tape off.

Step 6: Admire your work!

Good luck masking tape painting, Sisteroos!


Lawyer's Husband said...

Innovative, creative, and something that I would like to see in my living room! Shrink, when can you make one of these for our home? Go Sisteroo!

shrink said...

I'm glad you like it husband of lawyer! I'm coming to visit this weekend--give me some paints and I'll go crazy all over your apartment. I'm thinking Jackson Pollock themed....if you stand in the room while I paint I'm happy to camouflage you so you can pop out of the painting and scare lawyer. Kind of like this guy-- he does an amazing job:

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