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Happy Birthday, Actress!

Actress, making your cake was quite the challenge. There was no way I could show up the positively decadent chocolate cake Shrink made for you yesterday. (It's so unfair I'm not there to share it with you guys). So my cake is but a second course to Shrink's luscious first. I had some trouble drumming up a digital delight to perfectly suit your personality. You're definitely not vanilla, and chocolate is a bit too mainstream for you. Funfetti isn't classy enough. Nor is strawberry. Spice cake is gross, and I'll bet you wouldn't even consider eating gingerbread on your birthday. Then it hit me. Red Velvet Cake. It's perfect: unique, beautiful, elegant. Yup, you're totally red velvet. Happy Birthday, Actress!


ACTRESS said...

YAAAaaY! Thank you, Artist! It looks classy and delicious! Love the stars, by the way. ;)

artist said...

You're my favorite star, hence the stars ;)

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