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DIY Custom Wood Frame

DIY Custom Wood Frame
So we're redecorating. Not just a room or two, but our entire apartment, top to bottom, kitchen to closets. That's what happens when you find out that you're having your first kid, which means everything must be white glove perfect before his arrival. And as lovely and spacious as our apartment seemed just six months ago, it's now small and colorless and cramped and oh-my-word-my-child-will-feel-like-he's-living-in-Guantanamo. In response, I'm spending my pregnancy lumbering angrily about the rooms eating cream cheese with a spoon and shuffling the couches. Poor Husband.

Now lest you think I'm tearing down the walls on a pregnant spending rampage, I'm really trying to redecorate on the cost-efficient side, minus a few non-negotiables (please don't ask Husband about my multiple-hundred-dollar custom closet mood lighting). I had a half dozen or so old canvas oils I wanted to refresh and hang, so I dropped by our local framers to get a quote. The cost to frame just one canvas? $350. Har! There goes the kid's college tuition. Luckily, I found a fab solution while wandering the wood aisles of our local Home Depot: baseboard moulding. For those unfamiliar with this forest product species, it's basically a carved wood board that looks--by gosh--exactly like a picture frame. It's also extremely cheap ($0.50 to $1.50 a foot), and easy to cut. Read on to find out how baseboard makes a picture-perfect frame...

I framed a 1 1/2 inch stretched canvas, and these instructions work well for an object with some width to it. If you're framing a photo, watercolor or flat canvas, you may have to tweak these instructions a little:

DIY Custom Wood Frame Tutorial
1. First, check out the corner guard moulding at your local hardware store. This will be the back edge of your frame and the base that your frame moulding is glued to, so it needs to be about the same width as your canvas--mine was around 1 1/2 inches. Have the handy hardware associate cut four pieces of guard moulding that fit snugly around your frame.

2. Second, wander through the baseboard moulding section and pick a style and width that suits your painting. Moulding ranges from simple block cut to elaborate crown moulding--sky's the limit. Call that handy hardware associate back and have him cut four pieces of guard moulding, each with a 45-degree outward cut. Make sure to measure this moulding from the INSIDE of your guard moulding, since it will cover the guard moulding on the front of the canvas entirely, and will be a slightly smaller cut than your guard moulding.

3. Third, time for COLOR! Completely paint both your guard and baseboard moulding. I used some leftover black gloss paint from my modern buffet cabinet project. Use whatever shade and finish floats your boat.

4. Fourth, nail the painted guard moulding around the edges of your frame. I used two nails per side, which seemed to hold nicely.

5. Fifth, glue your baseboard moulding to the top of your nailed-in guard moulding. I used Gorilla wood glue, but any strong wood adhesive will do here. Let dry overnight.

6. Hang that painting, grab a spoonful of cream cheese, and admire your work!

Good luck framing, Sisteroos!


Lawyer's Husband said...

While my love for my wife grows every day, my love for the mood lighting has yet to kick in. Great work on this sweetheart! Junior is going to admire it for years to come! Love, Lawyer's Husband

Anonymous said...

Very beautful jointing on this frame. I've done framing before and this turned out as well as some professional stuff I've seen.

Mary Sandra said...

This one looks Stunning! Tried this and guess what these Wooden Frames compliment my artwork just perfect. Thanks for the good post!

Rita said...

It's fabulous... Pictures and photographs are an important part of our lives. They represent our stories, lives, emotions and memories. This is very nice ideas of making a beautiful photo frame in a very less time.I also tried this and make a very special and unique photo frame.

jorg gray said...

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