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Girls' Chandelier Make-Over


For your little girl's chic living space, consider a crystal chandelier. Available in many sizes and styles, fitting budgets ranging from $75-$300 (higher than that is pretty unreasonable), you can turn a plain room into a mini palace.

A ceiling medallion adds a classy touch. The ceiling medallion is the circle decorative trim piece that you affix to the ceiling before you put up the chandelier.

Add some color and style to your chandelier for an even more fun and girly touch.

BEFORE Chandelier Make-Over:

AFTER Chandelier Make-Over:

I added pink ribbon to the top of the mini black silk chandelier shade (found at Hobby Lobby). Next, I glued on clear jewels, and finally, I added a thin white boa to the bottom rim of the mini shade. Be careful with what you glue on your shade and be sure that no part of your decoration gets close to the light bulb (we don't want the princess palace to catch on fire!). Another idea is to glue tiny fake flowers, such as rosebuds, along the top and bottom perimeters.

I know some women who love a crystal chandelier in their home office or above their master bathtub. Even as adults, we are princess-at-heart.



ralighgirl said...

is that boa a Maribou trim? I like how fluffy it is...

ACTRESS said...

I don't know that it was called "marabou" since it is indeed so fluffy, but yes, it came in a several foot trim length. I believe I got it at Michaels.

Gail said...

What a gorgeous chandelier! I could see our house with this lighting. phoenix apartments for rent

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