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DIY Princess Room Board and Batten


Aaand the Princess Palace continues (see previous post for Chandelier Make-Over). I LOVE board and batten. I have never attempted a DIY with board and batten, however. Board and batten is very popular right now and although it is a fairly lengthy project (probably several days, if you're doing a whole room) it is well worth it. A plain room is remarkably transformed with only about $100 of trim; at least that's how much it was for my daughter's ~200 sq/ft bedroom.



I was set on painting stripes between the batons, so this is really a DIY Board and Baton sans board. Board also is fairly pricey and for a room of this size, there was no way I was going to spend another several hundred dollars on board (and have my kids muck it up with dirty hands). Some people paint their walls the same color as the trim to give the board effect, but the texture on the walls tends to be a draw-back. I would also recommend trying wallpaper if you are not up to painting. Wallpaper either above the baton shelf or all along between the trim looks splendid.


On baseboard: with real board and baton, you're going to have a thick baseboard that the baton can sit on top of. Doing a DIY board and baton means you are doing the project that already has baseboard in-place. Many people do not want to throw out their current baseboard for an ugly thick baseboard to accommodate the baton thickness. We (my husband, aka, the wood cutter) angled off the ends of each baton so it met with our current baseboard at the bottom. It looks very nice and doesn't take away from the overall look and feel of the room.

There are many DIY tutorials out there, and here are a few I took a look at:





AFTER Baton:

Tip: This project requires caulking every single seam that meets the wall or another piece of trim. Don't push hard with your fingers and be sure to keep your finger wet with a small bowl of water. Wipe all excess caulk on the sides of the bowl and clean out the bowl often so the cloudy caulk water does not get wiped all over your walls and trim.


Other projects coming up in the palace: paint the responsibility chart, make silk black awnings for the windows, put a large corkboard on the wall for my daughter's princess artwork.

Some people like to spend their money on sports game tickets, eating out at restaurants all the time, or vacations. I like to spend my money on my house. :)




shrink said...

Seriously actress, this is the most amazing room ever. I hope your little girl loves pink forever because I want this room to stay like this forever. Add the Seuss room into the mix and if you ever sell your one can turn it down.

Lawyer said...

I am over the top in love. This is the most exquisite little girls' room EVER!!!!

Robby said...

I love it to. Is it still considered DIY if I give these pics to a pro and pay to have it done?? I know I could never do it but I LOVE it. How do you find the time?!?!


Robby said...

I meant I love it *too*. :)

ACTRESS said...

Hehehe, thanks Robby! Well, you would be acting as the general contractor, finding who to hire, choosing paint color...I'd say that's a partial DIY! Since I don't currently have a baby in the house, the kids do a great job of playing together for an hour at a time. Then I do the rest during nap-time and when my two-year-old goes to sleep at 7PM.

Cathy said...

this is the prettiest little girls room i've seen!

janni said...


artist said...

I'm STUNNED by how beautifully this turned out!

Ashley said...

Wow! What a fabulous improvement! It looks gorgeous!

ACTRESS said...

Thanks everyone! Janni--I got the dresser, vanity drawers, and side table drawers from RC Willey. They usually have one white/cream "princess" line going at all times.

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