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Gilded Fall Holiday Display

(OK, yes. So this Fall decor post is a little late. I'm still stuffed with pumpkin pie and can barely move, alright? These simple decor techniques can be used for Christmas as well, so sit back, grab a slice of pie, and let your imaginations run wild.)

I'm obsessively devoted to my home's neutral palette, which poses a problem when Thanksgiving rolls around. Fall decorating is all about highlighter-bright color, and I searched in vain for some silvery gold pumpkins for my mantle display. Finally, three days before Thanksgiving, I gave up looking and bought a pile of plastic pumpkins and faux fall foliage. Then (forgive me, color-lovers) I attacked those reds oranges and yellows with a hearty blast of Krylon silver and gold spray paint. Holiday blasphemy? Perhaps. But it certainly made for an interesting conversation piece.

Simple DIY Instructions:

1. Buy tacky bright artificial fall foliage, pumpkins, apples, etc. Throw in a few pine cones for texture.

2. Spray paint with Krylon gold and silver metallic spray paint. I used silver as the base, and puffed just the tiniest wisps of gold paint from a distance--just to dust the tops of the items with pale gold dust.

3. Dot a few of the pumpkins with glue and sprinkle on a bit of silver glitter.

4. Arrange. If you have a thick satin ribbon, wrap it around the edge of your awesome glittery pile of harvest bounty.

Good luck decorating, Sisteroos!


Mom said...

Monochromatic bounty. Uh huh.

Actress said...

LOVE IT! My accent color is gold and luckily I found a bunch of plastic gold pumpkins at Michaels. I can't help but be envious of your white/silver theme. It's so unique and clean.

pyjammy pam said...

oooh love this! if only my house wasn't the opposite of neutral and calm and chic. sigh.

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