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DIY Glittery Magic Bath Bomb

Sisteroo DIY Glitter Bath Bomb
Baths are one of those luxuries I dream about but rarely indulge in. Because, honestly, who has time to (1) clean the tub (sweet cracker sandwich--when was the last time I scrubbed that thing? 2010?), (2) run the water for twelve whole minutes (which seems like a lifetime when wandering aimlessly about in a bath towel), and (3) figure out how to wash my hair AND shave various limbs while crammed into 35 cubic feet of porcelain.

Because of this, bath times are rare in this household. But when they DO occur, I take my baths very seriously and load up on all sorts of delicious, indulge-y products. Enter Lush, one of my favorite bath/beauty stores. They sell a product called the Kiss Me Klimt bath bomb that pushes bathing to a whole different level. Think exotic ylang ylang flowers, effervescent bubbles, soothing rose salts and sparkling gold glitter level. Heavenly, right? But at $7 bucks a pop (and about one use per bomb), Kiss Me Klimt baths can get pretty expensive. So for this Sisteroo project, I decided to make my own glittery, fizzy bath bomb...with ingredients I already had at home. Read on to find out how...

Martha Stewart has a wonderful tutorial on DIY "bath fizzies" HERE. But her fizzies are a little small, and also lack the bath salts, glitter and oils that make Kiss Me Klimt so spectacular. So I tweaked the ingredients a bit and came up with the following super simple, ultra-luxurious recipe:

Sisteroo Bath Bomb Tutorial


--1 c. baking soda
--1/2 c. bath salts (I used rose scented salts which smelled heavenly with the massage oil listed below)
--1/2 c. citric acid (this is harder to find. Try your local health supply chain or the internet. I found some great prices on Amazon.)
--2 tsp. fragrance or essential oil in your favorite floral scent. (I used Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Massage Oil in Jasmine Vanilla.)
--2 Tbs. vegetable oil
--1-2 drops food coloring in the color of your choice (I used Wilton's gel coloring in "Rose")
--1/4 tsp. body or loose eyeshadow glitter (I wouldn't recommend using regular craft glitter since it's not made for body contact and could cause injury. I used a bronze loose makeup glitter I've had in my junk makeup box since high school. The perfect project to get rid of an old relic!)


1. Start by finding a bath bomb mold. I used a small plastic Christmas ornament and had husband cut it in half with an x-acto knife. This was rather tricky, and in the future I'll be looking for a two-sided, twist-together ornament. Any fun mold will do here--plastic Easter eggs, candy molds, etc.

2. Mix your dry ingredients--baking soda, salts, citric acid--together with a whisk.

3. Time for liquids! You're really going to need to monitor how wet your mixture becomes, especially if you live in a humid environment. The citric acid and baking soda will start to fizz if the mixture becomes too moist. Add your liquids slowly, mixing every few drops, and stopping when you can clump the mixture together in your hand and it keeps its shape. If the mixture is too dry, add additional teaspoons of vegetable oil until it holds its shape.

4. Using your finger or a Q-tip, lightly brush a layer of loose glitter onto the inside of your mold.

5. Working quickly, pack your bath mixture into the mold halves, making sure each half overflows slightly. Now press your mold halves together and press firmly. You may need to add additional mixture to make sure your two halves stick together. After pressing firmly for 10 seconds, gently release the two halves. If your bath bomb breaks apart (like mine did on the first try), no worries! Dump everything back into your bowl, mix in a little more vegetable oil, and start again.

6. Now for the magic...draw yourself a bath, pop your bath bomb in, settle down into the water, and let the glittery fireworks begin.

Good luck bath bombing, Sisteroos!


--My skin has seriously never felt so soft and healthy. I also sparkle. Literally.

--I scooped up some remnants of my bath bomb while it was winding down and gently used it as an exfoliant. It was wonderful!

--The vegetable and massage oils made the bottom and sides of my tub super slippery. So if you use one of these bombs, make sure you are EXTREMELY cautious getting in and out of the tub!


Hershel said...

Hey! I tried this bath bomb and it was really fun while it lasted! But then I slipped in the tub and the water splashed everywhere. So um yea i HAD TO CLEAN THE ENTIRE BATHROOM right after my bath :( kinda sucked. but hey inleast the bath was good.

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