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Prince Charming Costume


Isn't it wonderful when the kids are still young enough that you can choose what they wear for Halloween? Or at the very least, young enough to steer them in a different direction when one wants to be a "skunk princess" (my daughter at age 2). My daughter, now almost 5, chose to be Cinderella and I jumped at the chance turn my 2-year-old son into Prince Charming (I was also considering Lucifer the cat, but decided a prince would be cuter and he'd never keep the ears on his head anyway). Either for Halloween or a trip to Disneyland, this will make your little mansome so handsome, people will have to exercise all self-restraint not to pinch his cheeks!


I looked all over the internet and in stores for prince costumes, knowing that I'd have to sew something if it didn't exist. Well, I guess they really don't make prince costumes for 2-year-olds. I was fortunate enough to find a website where another mom outlined a FREE fantastic no-pattern Prince Charming costume for her 2-year-old. I will spare you the sewing step-by-step details because she is an accomplished sewer and explained it all perfectly!

Prince Charming tutorial HERE


I was able to buy everything for about $20, the same amount I would've spent on a costume in a store for him, but this is an extremely detailed and vibrant costume that is worth closer to $60 if I'd bought it. We also happened to have red jogging pants for my son that perfectly matched the red trim I chose for his jacket, so I simply sewed gold ribbon on the sides. If we hadn't had the red pants, I would've just used some black dress pants he already has. I'm not a professional seamstress and after I finished the jacket, there was no way I was going to just "whip up" some pants too. Another modification: I decided to make his jacket collar higher and leave it open, because I knew buttoning it would bother his chin and neck.

A note on buying materials: If you're considering sewing this costume, the amount of fabrice you'll need is fairly unclear. Read through the Mom's full tutorial to get a general idea for the jacket. Take a look at how she does a no-pattern jacket by using a loose-fitting button-up shirt. You'll probably want to take along one of your son's dress shirts to the fabric store and buy enough white fabric to easily fit two full patterns of his shirt. You'll also want a heavy white fabric, one that will look and feel like a suit jacket and not a sheet. I chose a heavy white canvas fabric--not extremely flexible, so I wouldn't have him wear it to gymnastics class, but it looks fabulous.


Lawyer said...

Eeeee! LOVE this, Actress! You are such a talented seamstress, it's just ridiculous. And the matching Cinderella costume is just over the top (for those who haven't seen it, you're missing out). Your kids are ADORABLE.

Actress said...

Thanks Lawyer! Glad I just bought the Cinderella costume--I was pooped after making this. I think I have a 1-sew costume limit per year. ;)

Lawyer's Husband said...

Lawyers husband says he feels like a distant second now with his Prince Charming homemade costume from 2 years rock!

fitchick said...

I wish I saw this before halloween!!!! my girl was cinderella and my hubs was prince charming! his costume was bad compared with yours!

Bre said...

You should sell these!!! They are amazing! We are going to Disney in July and I can't find anything to fit my two year old!

Anonymous said...

Where did u find a white jacket?

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