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DIY Giant Black and White Headboard

We have two new additions to the family! The first clocked in at just over 8lbs 5oz, and has provided us with hours of (sleepless) joy. The second is far bulkier and more conducive to sleep--a Goliath of a headboard made from some silvery iridescent vinyl I scored at a warehouse sale last year. Read on if you're on the market for a massive statement piece that will turn your bed from "blah" to "La-Dee-Dah!"


1. Build a wood frame. If anyone is interested, I'll have to get husband to post his measurements/supplies used for this part. Our frame fits a king-size bed and measures 7 feet high by 7 feet wide.

2.Purchase wood trim for the top and sides of your headboard. (Again, I'd need husband to explain how he chose and cut the trim).

3. Adhesive-spray 2-inch-thick polyurethane upholstery foam to the wood. Make sure you cut and center the foam to leave space for your wood trim.

4. Lay your fabric/vinyl/leather over the foam. Staple gun the material firmly and evenly. Place your staples as closely together as possible.

5. Once stapled, your headboard will look like this.

6. Paint and nail down your top wood trim.

7. Paint and nail your side wood trim.

8. Fill all gaps and nail holes with wood filler. Sand and re-paint any icky spots.

9. Glue thick silk twisted cording in the gap between your fabric and the wood trim.

This massive headboard easily fills an entire blank wall, and makes even normal-sized husbands appear small in comparison ;)

Good luck headboarding, Sisteroos!


Anonymous said...

oooh. preeetty!

Anonymous said...

a-mah-zing! Stumbled across your blog from craftster, and I am instantly smitten...

Sisteroos said...

Thank you Anonymous and beanandbeatrice! We're so glad you've dropped by! Kick up your feet and stay a while... :)

Mom said...

If only every megalithic headboard came with a red haired, orange shirted hubby extraordinaire. From an unbiased observer. :)

Jamie Dee said...

How do you attache the headboard to the bed? Or do you attach it to the wall? :)

Sister Mac said...

"Oh artist sister, What a big headboard you have!"
Answer: "The better to eat up my very large wall, my dear!"
"Indeed! Nicely done!"

artist said...

Hello Jamie Dee! Great question! The headboard mainly supports itself by resting on the floor, but we've secured it to the wall with two steel "french cleats" which means that pretty much the entire wall would have to fall for this beast of a headboard to come down ;)

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That is the most amazing headboard I've seen. I wish I could have it in my home.

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