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Sisteroos! We haven't abandoned you, we're just temporarily changing our format. First, the story.

LAWYER is teaching early-morning Seminary this year, and is currently spending every ounce of her spare time reading Exodus, polishing up on her Hebrew translation, and going to bed before 10 p.m. (her class starts at 6 a.m.).
ARTIST is in labor. At this moment. While we're posting.
ACTRESS is in the thick of a massive move and home renovation while preparing for her next leading theater role.
SHRINK is finishing her doctoral dissertation while handling a full load of clients and writing psychology articles on the side.

So, yes. Our lives are a little nuts this month! Instead of driving ourselves crazy trying to coordinate our project schedules, we've decided to do a "Sisteroo Freestyle" month, where we post a special freestyle edition project each week. There will be posts! There will be crazy project disasters! Join us here for all the fun.


The Sisteroos


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