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Necktie Flower Headband

Necktie Flower Headband
When I first started dating Husband, he owned a total of four ties, which I really should count as three, because one of them was emblazoned with Snoopy. I love a man in a crisp, silk tie, so this was simply unacceptable. Without going into the gory shopping details, Husband now has ties. A lot of ties. And I have the job of weeding through those ties so I can justify buying him more. Enter the necktie headband. With a few snips and a little needlework, I transformed three of Husband's old silk ties into a darling, fashionable headband. Read on to find out how...

The tie headband is not entirely my idea because I first saw the tie flower idea HERE. But I did think the flowers would look a lot better in monochromatic patterns, so I devised a simple way to make multiple petals from the same tie. I also thought that a couple of the cute flowers would look fabulous on a necktie-fabric headband. ...But headbands are only the beginning, Sisteroos. You can also use necktie flowers on necklaces, purses, lapels--anywhere that needs a little burst of color. I affixed a few flowers on an old pearl necklace with this effect:
Necktie Flower Necklace

Fun, huh? To make your OWN necktie flower headband:

Necktie Flower Headband Tutorial

1. Find two or three unwearable silk ties. (One of these ties came from Husband's original collection. Can you guess which one?)

2. Snip off a 3 inch piece from the skinny end of the tie. Continue to snip off 3 inch sections from the narrow end of this tie until you have 6 pieces.

3. Sew the unpointed ends into a tapered point using a simple overcast stitch.

4. Sew the petals together into a flower shape.

5. Cover a glass vase bead (or a button, or anything round shaped) with fabric from another tie. Glue the fabric covered stone/button into the center of your flower.

6. Measure the circumference of your head (mine is ginormous). Cut a piece of skinny-end tie 2-3 inches longer than your head circumference. Fit this piece to your head so it fits snugly. Sew the ends in place. Affix finished flowers to your headband with a simple stitch.

Good luck tie-ing, Sisteroos!


Anonymous said...

Cute idea!

Sisteroos said...

Thank you, EllaRose!

Mindy said...

Your line about how one didn't count because it had Snoopy on it made me laugh until I cried. And my Husband allegedly has more ties than he knows what to do with. I may have to try this.

Lawyer said...

I'm glad you found humor in the Snoopy tie situation, Mindy! (I refer to that unfortunate period of our dating life as SnoopyGate...) Good luck transforming your hubbie's ties. They'll never look better--I promise! :)

emsroeder said...

This is so impressive! I have trouble wrangling a loose button back onto a pair of pants. :)

Lawyer said...

I struggle with the loose button situation too, emsroeder! ;)

Cyndee @ Restyled Junk said...

This is darling! My husband doesn't have many ties, but I am always picking them up at yard sales to use for crafting. This is a great project!

Sisteroos said...

Thank you, Cyndee! Good luck with your own tie project...please let us know how it turns out! :)

Alexis @ we like to learn as we go said...

Love the idea! my husband has a ton of ties and some he never wears. Maybe I'll have to steal them to make one!

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