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Jungle Fever Nursery

First, to assuage your fears, my project is about paper: Wood-paper. Paper comes from trees, remember? I am well within my Sisteroo right to use it. And this project rocks. my. socks. And my baby's socks. And I love socks, especially new ones. I think we need to do a Sisteroo project with socks...

I know all of you lady-Moms out there have serious Jungle Fever going on in your house. You didn't give birth to a sweet little baby human—many have told me that they have given birth to a crocodile, a sloth, a parrot, a clingy koala, a monkey, or a tiger. Well mine is a monkey most days and a tiger others; often, he's a little of both (and on those days I can't wait for The Man in the Yellow Hat to come home and give me some much needed R&R). Since my house is a jungle, a baby jungle nursery fit perfectly. I created this Jungle Fever plaque as the finishing touch on my nursery.

Materials needed:
1.Wood plaque (can find in many sizes/shapes at craft stores)
2.Pattern (I found mine online by searching “zebra” and looking at images)
3.Paint, glitter, clear glaze spray (to keep glitter from constantly falling off)
4.Wooden letters (to spell whatever you want to say)
5.Fun wooden animals/objects (many kinds available in craft stores painted and unpainted)
7.Glue gun
8.Hanging hardware/tools (I like the hammer-in picture hanging claws)


If you are way cooler than me, you'll have an old-school projector handy so you can print your image as a transparency and trace it OR if you have a movie projector in your home that is hooked up to a computer/server, you can select your file and view it on the projector. I am not so cool at the moment to do either method.

Plaque Your Dentist Would Be Proud of:

1.If you are doing a paint-and-trace pattern, start by painting the whole plaque the lightest/most-used color. I painted my plaque white.
2.Print off a blown-up image of your pattern (zebra stripes). You may need to print several times until you finally get the size you want.
3.Cut out your pattern and trace with a pencil (this was quite tedious because I cut out stripes individually to trace their shape, but I reused stripes on different sides of the board and changed their angles).
4.For the zebra, I traced the black stripes with a permanent marker, and then painted the black stripes.
5.Separately, I painted the “Jungle Fever” letters green and used a clear craft glue to apply glitter all over the letters.
6.Super glue or glue gun the letters to the plaque after they are dry.
7.Finally, I measured and cut my ribbon, glued it to the board, and glued the ends of the ribbon to my animals. Voila! Jungle Fever plaque, one of a kind (that is, unless you decide to make one too—if you do, I'd love to hear about it).

I also painted zebra, giraffe and cheetah patterns on white canvas to hang on the walls.



Lizbeth B. said...

Luvvvv it! You guys are so creativ and this is my new favorite blog in the world!! Can i do this awesome placque for my room too, even though i'm not a baby? :)

Sisteroos said...

Hehehe, you should TOTALLY do it in your room! ;)

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