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Dry-Erase Shadowbox Wall Calendar

Of all the things I'm bad at organizing, I'm worst at organizing my time. I can never seem to keep track of the kazillion weekly activities husband and kiddo get sucked into, so I usually end up frantically running out the door, ten minutes late for most events. Our family desperately needed a centralized calendar to display all upcoming events. A BIG calendar. One that I could wipe clean each month. And something that looked chic, matched my decor, and could be changed to coordinate with holidays. All for under $30. A tall order? Yes. But definitely worth the effort.

Here's how to make an awesome Dry-Erase Shadowbox Wall Calendar:



1. Buy or dig up an old poster frame (I found mine in Husband's "college junk" collection). My frame measures 27"x 39" on the outside (it holds a 24"x 36" poster). I'd recommend finding a poster frame with at least a 1.5" thick border, or you'll have a hard time turning it into a shadowbox (nailing rail-thin wood strips to the back would be a pain).

2. Purchase a 1/2" thick wood piece from your local hardware store, and cut it to fit the length and width of your frame. The wood width should match, or be slightly skinnier than your frame width.

3. Nail the wood around the edges of your poster frame with shallow nails (the nails should not poke through your frame on the other side). See Figures A & B below.

4. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the back of your frame--it needs to be wide/long enough to sit on top of the wood you just nailed to the frame. You now have over an inch of space inside your calendar to create 3-dimensional displays.

5. If your original poster frame came with a sub-par floppy piece of clear acrylic or cheap glass, you can purchase a nicer piece at your local hardware store, and have it cut to fit snugly inside the frame. I purchased an extra-thick piece of acrylic for under $20 (we live in a child-proofed house, so glass isn't the best option).

6. Once you have all the components gathered, it's time to paint the newly-nailed wood sides of your frame to match the frame itself. I painted my birchwood strips black using Rustoleum's Painter's Touch in Black Gloss.

7. Finally, use ultra-skinny 1/8" HeadLine black Art Tape (I found mine at Hobby Lobby) to create calendar lines on the INSIDE of your acrylic/glass, so you can wipe the surface clean each month without disturbing the underlying calendar template. See Figure C below.




It's easy to create multiple cardboard backgrounds for your shadowbox calendar. I plan on creating a new background to switch out for each major holiday.

1. For my everyday calendar background, I glued a sheet of poster board (cut to size) to the cardboard, immediately behind the calendar grid's space. This helps your dry-erase writing to show up clearly.

2. Next, I painted the cardboard in Metallic Champagne by Folk Art Acrylic Paint.

3. For sparkle, I glued a layer of my favorite clear glass beads ($2/box from Walmart) to the painted cardboard.

4. I finished up by cutting out, folding and hot-gluing a strip of poster board in the shape of a banner. This provided a great backdrop for writing the month in dry-erase marker on top of the acrylic.

5. For holidays, I plan on using scrapbook paper, colored banners, scrapbook embellishments, etc. to decorate new pieces of cardboard backing. Below is my design plan for October. Super simple, but a bold statement.

Happy calendaring, Sisteroos!



Sara B said...

Such a fab idea! Might have to pin this to my pinterest boards ;)

Sisteroos said...

Thank you, Sara B! Pin away. :)

Green Willow Pond said...

This is a great idea! I need lots of calendar space for writing in, but the big calenders are always so ugly. I'm pinning this one too!

Sisteroos said...

Green Willow Pond--we're so glad you like this project! And we agree--those big, white paper calendars are so UGH that we simply couldn't keep them up on the wall. Let us know how your own shadowbox calendaring project goes! :)

Amanda said...

This turned out great :) I've featured it on Craft Gossip today

Sisteroos said...

Thank you, Amanda! It's such an honor to be featured on Craft Gossip (our absolute favorite collective craft site!).

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