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DIY Paper Art

Empty black frames--I've had four of them hanging in my kitchen for the past few months. Some people may consider them to be a statement of sorts, but in our household it means I've been too preoccupied to bother filling them and they hang on the wall just daring me to be artistic. It got to the point where I considered having Actress's daughter fill the frames with her butterflies and princess scribbles [see here]. Rather than make a four year old labor for my walls, I decided that I could use the paper pretties project as a way to force myself to decorate. As I'm not the Artist Sisteroo I did some simple paper art, with a silhouette design.


Steps to simple art:

1) Go to the craft store and pick up some scrapbooking paper that matches your color scheme.

2) Trace your paper to size (you can begin cutting now if you want--I just waited until I finalized my designs).

3) Start designing! I cut out leaves from one sheet of craft paper to make flowers on another.

4) Make a mess and make a few mistakes. My mistakes you ask? The black flower started out as a vine, but I ended up deciding that looked odd and made the leaves into a flower. I attempted to make a really odd wave pattern, tracing the tail of the skunk (seen in picture 1). looked awful. But I'm a shrink, remember? Mistakes are good. Mistakes can heal us.

5) Decide on your final designs and try the paper art on different papers to see what looks best. Glue it all together.

6) Admire your work!

As an additional little art piece, here's a quick tip to spruce up a wall when you're on a budget: canvas art.

art wall

Following the logic of Actress: canvas is stretched across wooden frames, wooden frames are made from trees, paper is made from trees, therefore canvas art is a paper pretty. So our living room wall was quite lacking, we have bright red chairs so a blank white wall seems a bit out of place. I searched for some simple red art, but most of it was $100-200 and often looked like paint was haphazardly splattered across a surface. So what did I do?

A)Picked up four canvases from the store ($5 each)

B)Traced on a leafy branch

C) Broke out my wide selection of acrylic paints (five colors: red, blue, yellow, black, and white).

D)Painted the background red with black/white texture (paint streaks of black and blend with more red, occasionally use some white to lighten the areas up). I used two of those horribly cheap foam paintbrushes (the ones that end up flaking off, getting foam/sponge all over your canvas)--so to create a better background, I'd use the thin side of the brush to make my lines and the fat side of the brush to blend.

E) I made sure the background was dry-ish, touched up the pencil vine where I couldn't see it and painted vine black.

By the time husband and I finished watching Twelfth Night we had some cheap canvases disguised as modern art for under $25.

canvas art

Hope you enjoyed this week's paper pretties from the Sisteroos--if you try one of ours out, send us an email and let us know how it went!