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DIY Makeup Organization

Makeup Organization

Surfaces are a rare commodity in my bathroom, which was most likely built for a puritanical skinflint who was perfectly comfortable with a measly two inches of counter space. Until last week, my toiletries covered the counters, spilling chaotically onto the floor--waterfalls of eye drops, face wash, hair sprays, pore-detoxifiers, night masks, day masks, lotion for dry skin, lotion for oily skin, lotion for "I’m not quite sure what type I am, but I’m compelled to use a product anyhow" skin. Lipsticks and liners, primers and mascara. You’d think it takes an intercontinental task force to get me looking half-normal, which isn't too far from the truth. So when my dear Sisteroos suggested we focus our efforts on "organization" this week, I suspected the truth. This wasn't a Sisteroo was an intervention.

With a little creativity and LOTS of encouragement (from both Husband and the Sisteroos), I transformed my heinous bathroom counter into a compact beauty station. So let's talk about makeup organization, shall we?

ORGANIZE IT tutorial

1. First, the storage space. I found this fabulous set of drawers at Bed Bath & Beyond for just under $15.00. I soon discovered that I have far too much makeup to fit in one set of drawers. So I packed up what I don't use (read: frosted eyeshadows and cheek highlighters from the late 90s), threw out half of it, and packaged the rest in a large storage bin under the sink. Instant Halloween makeup kit!

2. I wanted to sub-organize each drawer in my counter top kit, so I headed to the kitchen where we have a wide assortment of tupperware containers. A few of these served as excellent lipstick and makeup tool sectionals.

3. In organizing anything, it is important that you keep things in an easy-to-find, easy-to-use place. So I arranged my makeup in the order that I put it on in the morning--top drawer: makeup tools, lotions, and concealers. Second drawer: powders, bronzers and lipstick. Third drawer: eyeshadows and blush. ...And yes, I know I put on my makeup backwards. But it works!

4. I bought a pretty bathroom set last year, but had NO idea what to do with the toothbrush holder. Do people actually use these things to hold their toothbrushes? (Probably, yes.) I decided to pull off the metal sectional and use it as a makeup brush holder instead. Perfect re-purposing project!

5. Husband bought me this lovely makeup mirror from Macy's a few months ago, but I had been unable to fit it on my war zone counter top. Now it sits atop my makeup station and highlights every flaw! (Kidding. It's a fabulous mirror. Too fabulous, actually.)

6. I do most of my makeup on-the-go, and this Unii palette has saved my life. Its base is entirely magnetic and the kit comes with magnetized strips for you to affix to your favorite de-potted shadows. They won't budge! Put in your favorite go-to colors with a few mini brushes (mine are "Shady Lady"), and you're set for vacations, early morning meetings, or nights on the town.

Good luck organizing, Sisteroos!


Lizbeth B. said...

THis is the funniest post ever--i laughed for like 5 minutes. My bathroom counters look just like a warzone too, and the definitly need a makeover like yours! Thank you for the inspiration!

shrink said...

I love it and I have now copied you with the small drawer set (as well as makeup pallets instead of tons of individual eye shadows).

Sisteroos said...

Thank you Lizbeth and Shrink! It makes such a difference when you can find your eyeliner! ;)

Anonymous said...

i love this, and i'm not sure if you know this or not, but its not sanitary to keep your makeup in the bathroom, because the steam from your shower allows moisture to get into the makeup and spread germs faster.

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