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DIY Hand-Painted Tie

For Father's Day this year, I came up with the perfect gift for Husband--something to make him feel like the coolest Dad in the world, while at the same time embarrassing him a bit in public. Was I being nice, or getting back at him for forgetting Mother's Day? A little bit of both, perhaps. A hand-painted tie is a colorful way to let that special man in your life know how much you care. (Or it can be a fun opportunity to watch him squirm at church if you allow your toddler to do all the painting). Read on for details...


1. Find a silk tie--the plainer the better. I got mine at Goodwill for $2.

2. Get out your puffy paints! If you don't own any, consider buying colors that compliment each other (blues and oranges, reds and greens, purples and yellows).

3. Use a paintbrush (or fingers) to spread the puffy paint. Multiple thin layers work best. Go crazy--you'll only get to paint this tie once.*

*Note: if young children (or particularly messy adults) are painting, lay out a drop cloth. Puffy paint gets messy and is hard to remove. I learned this the hard way.


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