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How to Host a Chocolate Tasting Party

Chocolate Tasting Party

In honor of our one-month anniversary, the four of us Sisteroos decided to meet up in person and host a party. And we're not talking an ordinary, crackers-and-punch shindig here. Oh, no. We hosted a glorious, decadent, over-the-top Chocolate Tasting Party. Because we all live in separate parts of the country (and because we all love to travel), we decided to meet up at the self-proclaimed capital of gourmet American chocolate--Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, California. We had so much fun (and ate so much chocolate), that we wanted to let you in on the party too. So this week, we'll be unveiling the chocolate samples we each brought from our various locales, and teaching you the simple steps to host your own chocolate tasting event. Read on for more details...

Purchasing the right chocolate is the first step to hosting a FABULOUS chocolate party. I visited Lady Chocolatt in West Los Angeles and picked up a box of four of their most popular chocolate pieces--milk chocolate pomegranate, Ecuadorean raspberry, dark chocolate coconut, and darker chocolate with anise seed.

Lawyer's Chocolates

Oh what a chocoholic's dream! These were rich, exotic, and flavorful pieces. The sour pomegranate flavors mixed beautifully with the warm, velvety milk chocolate. The Ecuador chocolate--a little bit stronger than its Swiss counterpart--tasted practically melodious with subtle raspberry undertones. The dark chocolate coconut was my favorite--the fatty, mellow coconut blended perfectly with the bitter dark chocolate. And the darkest chocolate with anise seed (Artist's favorite of the four) was complex, but surprisingly subtle--the sharp taste of anise canceled out any bitterness from the dark chocolate, leaving a delicate licorice aftertaste.

The one downside to these incredible chocolates was the price. If you are planning your own party, I recommend checking out your local organic or upper-scale grocer for chocolate first. They often sell a variety of quality chocolate brands like Lindt, Green & Black's, Marks & Spencer's Gourmet, Cadbury, Scharffen Berger, Weiss, Chocovic, Godiva, Leonidas, Ghirardelli, and Sees. In the U.S., good stores you might want to try are Trader Joe's, Gelsons, and Whole Foods. If you're living or traveling abroad, I highly recommend Marks & Spencers, Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsburys.

Chocolate Spectrum
When deciding what chocolate to purchase, check the back of the chocolate bar to find the percentage of cocoa it contains (it usually ranges from 25-85%)--if the bar doesn't list it, it's probably a cheap chocolate, and you don't want to purchase it. You will want to include a full range of chocolates for your party, so make sure you have selections from the white end of the spectrum (0% cocoa) all the way to the bitter dark end of the spectrum (80-90% cocoa). This will give your party guests the full chocolate experience.

Join us tomorrow for Artist's post on Chocolate Tasting Party Set-Up--tasting plates, pallet cleansers, scorecards...the whole nine yards!

Happy chocolate tasting, Sisteroos!


Jessica J said...

Hi Lawyer! Thanx so much for posting this! I now know what I will be doing for my 15th birthday party... In June... Next year:) Love from Jess, down in Cape Town, South Africa:)

PS... Your blog is the most awesome and original one ever created:)

Sisteroos said...

Jess, hooray! A chocolate tasting birthday party is the BEST way to ring in the big 1-5...I wish I had thought of that! Good luck planning (sounds like you've got plenty of time) and let us know how the party goes! :)
Love, Lawyer

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