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DIY Modern Buffet Cabinet drawer FINAL

Problem: I got married, and now I have stuff.

To wit, I currently am in possession of two waffle irons, a fondue set, three beds, four couches, a ginormous heap of useless golf clubs, and seven (seven!) different sets of bowls (husband thinks I am bowl crazy and has threatened to return the tiny finger bowls, but we NEED tiny finger bowls and I will not budge, no I will not). Before husband even moved into my apartment, it was already bulging at the seams with stuff. So when he moved in with all of his stuff (you would not believe how much stuff husband has), and we opened our wedding presents with even more stuff,** was clear we had a problem.

Last month, the stuff hit the fan. Our guest bedroom was already piled floor-to-ceiling with boxes, and it began spilling out into the living room. Which is problematic, because despite all of our stuff, I like the living room to stay clean. So husband and I skipped down to a few estate sale furniture warehouses in the area, and after only two hours digging through piles of molding cardboard and used cabbage patch dolls (I kid you not), we found this: a ginormous, cherry-lacquer cabinet from the 1970s (evidence, item 1).

It may not look like much, but it had what I like to call "potential," if potential is working drawers and a price tag below $400. Husband was too cheap to pay for delivery (it was only $45, people), so we rolled up our sleeves, pig wrestled our new, extremely heavy set of drawers into the back of his SUV, and drove it home down Santa Monica Boulevard at 15 miles an hour (if you're wondering why L.A. traffic is so bad). I will not describe how we dragged the drawers up to our third floor apartment, but it did involve a few tears.

So. These drawers were obviously meant to be black, right? Right. Because I have never owned a piece of furniture that isn't black, unless you count the pink canopy day bed I got for my tenth birthday. (Please don't count that.) Husband and I stripped and sanded, polished and painted, vacuumed and scrubbed, and voila! Cheap, cheesy 70s chest of drawers transforms into sleek, modern, 21st century buffet cabinet. The perfect place to hold all of our stuff. dresser tutorial
To make your OWN buffet cabinet:

1. Purchase large, hideous set of drawers. (The uglier the better.)
2. Generously coat old varnish/stain/lacquer with a generic varnish remover. DO NOT, under any circumstances, place remover near an open flame. (I will not explain why we know this.)
3. Sand and scrape softened varnish/stain/lacquer off drawers.
4. Paint a nice liberal coat of primer on drawers. (Our primer was originally white, but turned the drawers the loveliest shade of pink on encountering the leftover cherry stain. Husband did not laugh when I threatened to leave them that way.)
5. Prepare and mix a tray of black full gloss paint.
6. Paint drawers liberally. Let dry and apply a second coat.

**We are very grateful for said wedding presents and their generous givers. All of our prior kitchen accouterments had been acquired in college or stolen from roommates.


jenny said...

That turned out super pretty! It looks like the one I wanted to buy for 900 dollars last week. It's funny how you suddenly had too much stuff when you got married. Same thing happened to me.

Dorothy said...

Looks awesome!

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