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DIY Juicy Couture Bling Shoes


So I have a pair of black flats that one of the Sisteroos (Lawyer) bought me a few years ago. They had their fair share of time in the spotlight, but have found themselves forgotten in more recent months. With the Sisteroo challenge of the week, I decided to give these shoes a chance to shine again--and hopefully find their way out of the bottom of my shoe pile. With a little bling on the front toe, these shoes learned that forgotten doesn't have to be forever.


I knew these shoes needed some help and I had recently seen some gorgeous Juicy Coture shoes that were fashionable and classy at once. I went to the local craft store to find some toe bling and couldn't find anything I liked that was reasonably priced. I thought where can I find some inexpensive, occasionally cute, and hopefully not broken jewelry? And of course I knew the answer: Forever 21.

I happened to have husband with my on this outing, so the poor chap had to witness and serve as accomplice to my shoe cobbling experiment. I raced over to the jewelry section, took off my shoe, and began grabbing any and all pieces of jewelry that I saw. Given the lack of shopping carts at shopping malls (it's a crime of shopping to deny me a cart) I employed the assistance of husband hands to carry the mounds of jewelry I found. I'm sure the other customers found amusement with the barefoot girl holding up jewelry to her shoe accompanied by a dazed/confused man holding a pirates booty of jewelry. But the hard work was worth it--despite the fact that you cannot find matching jewelry at Forever 21, their bracelets are big enough to provide accommodations for two shoes. I finally settled on a lovely black triangle bracelet and we traveled home with my plunder.

From there things were pretty simple:
1) Cut off the buckle
2) Removed the stitching to the strap
3) Shined my shoes down
4) Broke apart the bracelet
5) Sewed together two five piece sets (and super glued the individual pieces together to ensure additional security)
6) Hand stitch the five piece sets onto the front of each shoe and voila! The old forgotten pair of days past is now a fresh, fun, and fantastic wear!


Kimmie Evans said...

Awesome Steph! We need to do a fun craft together.

artist said...

Love these!

Jessica Seo said...

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